Raspi-R Android app for Raspberry Pi

Raspi-R remote controls and monitors the Raspberry Pi (and other Linux machines) .

Raspi-R extends the use of het Raspberry Pi and it's hard- and software extentions. Raspi is one of the Rasberry Pi abriviations. For more information visit www.raspberrypi.org.

With the Raspi-R app you can remote control the Raspberry Pi by executing Linux commands, remote control hardware extentions such as PiFace, and even reboot or halt the Raspberry Pi.

All this is done via a simple user interface where you don't have to type in commands. Just Connect, Select and Go! All this can be dome via your local wifi-network or the Internet.

Raspi-R Facebook page

Fisit the Raspi-R Android app for Raspberry Pi Facebook page.Fisit the Raspi-R Android app for Raspberry Pi Facebook page.

You can post your suggestions (as a reaction to the "Suggestion box") to improve or extend the functionality of Rapsi-R app.

Fresh website theme

This website gets a new (Zero Point) theme as Raspi-R version 1.2.54 releases.Zero Point is an advanced responsive, "mobile first", HTML5 theme developed by Dr. Radut, with layout and style configuration options.  


CodebugTo get CodeBug connected to your Raspberry Pi it needs some preperations.
Follow the instructions carefully!!!

WiFi (WiPi)

WiPiSomtimes Raspberry Pi's WiFi connection drops. I experienced this myself several times with WiPi dongle.

Updating the Pi's firmware sometimes solves the problem. It's worth trying.
To do so you can do it manualy:

  • sudo rpi-update
  • ... wait for rpi-update to complete ...
  • reboot

Or do it with Raspi-R:

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