Raspi-R Android app for Raspberry Pi

Raspi-R remote controls and monitors the Raspberry Pi (and other Linux machines) .

Raspi-R extends the use of het Raspberry Pi and it's hard- and software extentions. Raspi is one of the Rasberry Pi abriviations. For more information visit www.raspberrypi.org.

With the Raspi-R app you can remote control the Raspberry Pi by executing Linux commands, remote control hardware extentions such as PiFace, and even reboot or halt the Raspberry Pi.

All this is done via a simple user interface where you don't have to type in commands. Just Connect, Select and Go! All this can be dome via your local wifi-network or the Internet.

You can add multiple Raspberry Pi's. So if you have a Linix account on a Raspberry Pi of one of your friends, you can connect there to. As the Raspberry Pi is a Linux device, the Raspi-R app wil also work with any other Linux machine.

As the Raspberry Pi has a educational purpose, the Raspi-R app has the ability to (re)create your own scripts so it helps you explore and understand the posibilities of the Raspberry Pi, Linux and it's hard- and software extentions.

The Raspi-R app has the folowing functions:

  • Linux (file, user, system, ..) commands
  • Linux sudo commands
  • reboot or halt the Raspberry Pi.
  • View Raspberry Pi device info
  • apt-get update & apt-get (dist-)upgrade
  • rpi-update to upgrade to the latest Pi firmware(
  • ex- and import Raspberry Pi credentials via normal Android Share
  • run Python scripts

PiCamera (PiCam and PiNoIR)

  • take Pictures
  • time lapse photography (pictures + convert to mp4 video)
  • video recording
  • motion detection avi [Beta users only]
  • and much more ...

PiFace Digital hardware add-on

  • remote control 8 outputs
  • read status of 8 inputs
  • several scripts to program the 8 outputs
  • ability to modify your own Python scripts

Sense HAT (Astro Pi) hardware add-on:

  • RGB Led Matrix examples
    (selectable text speed & color, background color, rotation, loops)
  • sensor reading (temperature, pressure, humidity)
  • start/stop your own (my_sense_hat_x.py) scripts
  • foreground/background Job Mode

CodeBug hardware add-on added:

Web-server (software extention on Raspberry Pi)

  • Raspi-R website on the Pi to monitor PiCam
  • check web-server responses
  • view Apache (access, error) log-files

All commands and actions are executed via Secure Shell (ssh).
The Raspiberry Pi's credentials are secure saved on the Android device

Ham Radio (HAM Radio License is REQUIRED)

  • HAM Radio DV (for DVMEGA, DV4mini)
  • WSPR (Whisper)
Before you can get on the air you need to be licensed and know the rules to operate legally.