Announcements and Release History

Future Release(s)

  • Video streaming
  • PiCam Motion detection
  • Arduino integration
    (upload Sketches to Arduino connected to Raspberry Pi)

Release History

Release 1.2.60:


    • Raspi Devive info
      • Pi (hardware) Model
      • Memory spit (arm/gpu)
    • Shutdown (reboot / halt)
      • reboot / halt after delay [1 min ... 4 wks]
    • Linux commands
      • some Linux commands added
    • HAM Radio DV (Digital Voice)
      • tail logging for:
        • YSF2BMR
        • xlxd
        • ambed
        • pi-star (hotspot)


    • Preferences order
    • Pi Wifi Checks removed and moved to Linux commands

    Know issue:

    • CodeBug tether will not work on all configurations
    • Android 6.0 (Marshmallow)
      Error reading Raspi-R import file

    Release 1.2.58:


    • HAM Radio DV (for DV4mini, DVMEGA, openSPOT, MMDVM)
    • PiFace Relay Plus
      • like PiFAce Digital
    • PiFace CAD (Control and Display)
      • examples
      • run your own python3 code
    • in Apt-get package manager
      • full-upgrade (update+upgrades)
      • install PiFace CAD



    Release 1.2.56:

    • app restart crash (1.2.54) fixed

    Release 1.2.54:

    CodeBug hardware add-on added:

    • text and pattern examples
    • selectable number of loops and speed
    • start/stop your own ( scripts
    • foreground/background Job Mode


    see Raspberry Pi Controlled Codebug With I2C

    Load one of below onto your CodeBug (via CodeBug USB upload mode):

    Minor changes:

    • "Apache must be installed" notification can be switched off (preferences)

    Development changes:

    Release 1.1.52:

    Sense HAT (Astro Pi) hardware add-on added:

    • RGB Led Matrix examples
      (selectable text speed & color, background color, rotation, loops)
    • sensor reading (temperature, pressure, humidity)
    • start/stop your own ( scripts
    • foreground/background Job Mode

    Minor changes:

    • added foreground/background Job Mode for PiFace Digital

    Background Job Mode keeps scripts running while Rasp-R app is inactive or closed.

    Raspbian Jessie is the prefered Raspi-R target OS.

    Release 1.1.50:

    Raspbian Jessie is the prefered Raspi-R target OS.
    Apache2 new default docroot. The document root directory was /var/www in Raspbian Wheezy but is now /var/www/html in Raspbian Jessie.

    Minor changes, commands added:

    • Linux OS release info
    • Linux tree
    • Apache docroot directory list (ls)

    Release 1.1.48:

    Note: new Raspi-R web-files

    • re-upload Raspi-R webfiles
      Apache > Upload_to_Apache - Raspi-R web-files

    Small fixes:

    • PiCam delete files fixed
    • apt-get pi_firmware - rpi-update: action parameter suppressed

    Release 1.1.46:

    PiCam / PiNoIR:

    • added video recording
    • added h264 to mp4 conversion
    • added video playback to Raspi-R web-site-files
      (need re-upload Raspi-R web-filef to Pi)

    New functions

    • Pi firmware update (rpi-update)
    • Pi WiFi Checks
    • View/monitor Raspberry Pi log-files (tail -f)
    • View Raspi-R bash script files

    Minor Improvements:

    • solved return from web-browser issue
    • Raspi-R web-files (apache)
    • resultview (scrolling focus)
    • deletion of picture, video and TimeLapse files
    • All Commands Overview (i) for each function

    Release 1.1.44:

    PiCam / PiNoIR:

    • added image rotation (90, 180 or 270 degrees)
    • added portrait image dimensions

    Release 1.1.40:

    • removed Raspberry Pi logo (trademark)

    Release 1.1.38:

    • fixed missing picture(s) in TimeLapse sequence

    Release 1.1.36:

    solved crashes:

    • in Lollipop - Licensing, Billing
    • before HoneyComb - function selection, Preferences


    Release 1.1.34:


    • realtime Raspberry Pi output
      • terminal emulator like result output
    • TimeLapse Photography
      • start time lapse photography (multiple settings)
    • PiCam / PiNoIR with picture options
      • presets in preferences
    • TimeLapse to mp4 conversion
      • convert time lapse pictures to 720p HD mp4 video (20 .. 2 fps frame rates)
    • PiCam <> Apache
      • monitor Raspi-R pictures and mp4 in a browser on Android or PC
        (using Raspberry Pi Apache web-server)
    • Mini Raspi-R website upload to Apache on Pi
    • PiFace Digital up to 4 boards
      • (PiRack needed)
    • Reboot / Halt (Raspi-R Logo) on every screen
    • Connection binding to multiple Pi's
      • retains connection after switching to another Pi
    • Simple SSH shell terminal
      • to execute your own commands


    • Socket server
    • Web-check
      • replaced by Apache <> PiCam function

    Release 1.0.32:

    • Preparations for PiCam Time Lapse Photography
      (in next release)
    • Button status (Connect - Go! - Disconnect / --Detach--) improvements
    • sudo raspi-config commands expand-rootfs
      (to expand os to SD-card space)
    • apt-get package manager included
      • update, upgrade, dist-upgrade, check
      • install, remove, purge
        (for Raspi-R extra / optional packages such as:
        PiFace digitalio, Apache, wicd-curses [Wlan], avconv [TimeLapse], ...)
    • Apach2 web-server with PHP5
      • install Apache 2 and PHP5, start / stop Apache, check web-server, ...
    • New directory structure on Pi: ~/Raspi_R/
      (with sub-folders for python3, Pictures, (and future release) TimeLapse, Video, ...)
    • PiFace digital now uses python3 libraries *
      (* - included in newest Rasbian)
    • Migrated all python scripts to Python3
    • Lots of Linux commands added:
      • printenv, set, lsusb, which, ...
    • whatis, man
      (for commands used in Raspi-R)
    • Raspi Device info new commands:
      • cat /boot/config.txt
      • view config variables
      • expand rootfs (raspi-config)

    Release 1.0.2:

    Remote control and monitor your Raspberry Pi from your Smart-phone or Tablet. WiFi or mobile.
    It also controls some of the hard- and software extensions. In this release: Pi Camera, PiFace, Python and Apache web-server.

    You can execute numerous Linux commands, remote control the hardware extensions Pi Camera, PiFace, and reboot or halt the Raspberry Pi.
    All this is done via a simple user interface where you don't have to type in commands. Just Connect, Select and Go!

    'Raspi' is one of the Raspberry Pi ® abbreviation. For more information visit

    You can add multiple Raspberry Pi's. So if you have a user account on a Raspberry Pi of one of your friends, you can connect there to.

    As the Raspberry Pi has a educational purpose, the Raspi-R app has the ability to (re)create your own scripts so it helps you explore and understand the possibilities of the Raspberry Pi, Linux and it's hard- and software extensions.

    The Raspi-R app is able to:

    • Register Raspberry Pi credentials (Host/IP, user, pass, sudo, ports)
    • ex- and import Raspberry Pi credentials via standard Android Share
    • Linux (system, file, process, user, logs, network, ..) commands
    • Linux sudo (root) commands (including reboot and halt)
    • Python script examples
    • Upload Python scripts to Raspberry Pi
    • Start / stop Python scripts

    Pi Camera (PiCam and PiNoIR)

    • take a picture

    PiFace (hardware extension on Raspberry Pi)

    • remote control 8 outputs
    • read status of 8 inputs
    • several scripts to program the 8 outputs
    • start your own Python scripts from phone or tablet

    Web-server (Apache software extension on Raspberry Pi)

    • check web-server responses
    • monitor access and error logs

    Each function has its own info / help screen including additional on-line info.

    Commands and actions are executed via Secure Shell (ssh). The Raspberry Pi's credentials are secure (encoded) saved on the private storage of your Android device.

    The Raspberry Pi is a Linux device, so most functions of the Raspi-R app wil also work with any other Linux machine.

    Choose a skin from the standard Android (Holo and DeviceDefault) dark, light and wallpaper Theme.

    Tested on Raspbian "wheezy" distribution.

    Have Fun!