WiFi (WiPi)

WiPiSomtimes Raspberry Pi's WiFi connection drops. I experienced this myself several times with WiPi dongle.

Updating the Pi's firmware sometimes solves the problem. It's worth trying.
To do so you can do it manualy:

  • sudo rpi-update
  • ... wait for rpi-update to complete ...
  • reboot

Or do it with Raspi-R:

  • function:
    • apt-get package manager
  • pi-firmware >> rpi-update
  • ... wait for rpi-update to complete ...
  • reboot

Tip Fastest way to reboot:

Reboot, halt


To get a stable WiFi connection using The WiPi usb dongle you can install wicd-curses.
Wicd-curses easily configures multiple access-points. Wicd automatically searches for available access-points and re-connects when a connection drops.


  1. sudo apt-get install wicd-curses (Raspi-R app > apt-get package manager)
  2. on the Pi: $ sudo wicd-curses (to configure access-points)